Propeller Polishing

Frequent, cleaning of the propeller using hydraulic tools with polishing pads is the most effective way to keep a ship’s propeller in optimal condition. A smooth surface makes it harder for marine organisms to attach themselves as well as being beneficial to the efficiency of the propeller. A polished propeller reduces the chances of cavitation damage. Not allowing a calcareous layer of marine growth to build up is actually the best approach to propeller maintenance, avoiding the use of highly abrasive pads needed for the removal of calciferous growth which has the potential to damage the propeller surfaces. If polishing is conducted on a regular basis it can result in 5% or more savings on fuel consumption. Keeping a propeller clean with regular polishing to Rubert scale B or better is where the most fuel savings are to be made.
With the high cost of fuel in the current market and cost estimated to rise in the future it makes sense to keep propellers in the best condition possible.

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