Alpha Subsea is a specialized subsea company which supports a diverse range of clients. Our competent, committed, and experienced teams are quickly turning us into one of Panama’s leading dive support companies. We are committed to safety and performance. We believe that all tasks can be performed safely and without injury whilst maintaining the highest standards of delivery across all of our diving services. This drive for safety and performance, in combination with state-of-the-art equipment, competent and committed professionals, with the right mindset and hands-on experience is the basis for successful operations and your guarantee that your project will be delivered in a timely manner and within budget to the highest of standards.

The company offers a comprehensive range of subsea services. Our projects are managed and maintained by a dedicated professional team based in Panama City. Our diving services are compliant with the highest industry standards. We adhere to ADCI guidelines and all our diving personnel are ADCI certified.

We operate mobile diving systems to meet the specific project requirements of each client. These systems are maintained by our in-house staff and operated by our highly skilled personnel. Diving operations are supported by our experienced dive supervisors.

Alpha Subsea offers emergency services and repair work to ship management agencies and owners alike. The service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When damage to any vessel occurs time is usually critical, therefore speedy, professional support is vital in order to return the vessel to productive duty in the quickest possible time.

Alpha Subsea offers the following services


Underwater Ship Husbandry

  • Underwater weld repair
  • Hull cleaning of vertical sides, flat bottom, rudder, sea chests, thrusters, thruster tunnels
  • (IWS) In water surveys
  • (UWILD) under water in-lieu of dry docking
  • Tail shaft and pintle readings and measurements
  • Propeller polishing
  • Propeller repairs
  • Rudder repairs
  • Thruster repairs
  • Rope guard repairs
  • Stern seal replacement
  • Stern tube repairs
  • Bilge keel and stabilizer repairs
  • Speed log change outs
  • Transducer change outs
  • Sea chest blanking
  • Blanking of overboard valve discharges and sea water inlets
  • Installation of cofferdams
  • Underwater cutting and burning
  • Underwater paint and adhesive application
  • Crack arrests

Underwater Construction

  • Underwater weld repairs
  • Underwater inspections
  • Underwater demolition
  • Sacrificial anode installation and replacement
  • Splash zone corrosion protection (Denso wrapping)
  • Pipeline installations
  • Underwater repairs
  • Pile cutting
  • Diamond cutting
  • Grouting and resin injection
  • Hydroelectric dam inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Bridge inspection maintenance and repair
  • Underwater salvage
  • Fiber optic cable installation, repairs and remedial work